Meet Verna Lane

storyteller with a rock 'n' roll soul and a zen state of mind -- a truth seeker striving every day to be a better human and a force for Light


  • Currently developing a light-hearted mystical dramedy set in the South of France. 1-hour pilot script available soon. Established production partners desired.
  • Founder of Gold Dust Studios (boutique digital media production)
  • Creator of a vast catalog of intellectual properties (Hollywood Lane)
  • Author of 'Handbook For Living' book series (in development)


  • Entrepreneur since 1991
  • Avid student of metaphysics (1979 to present)
  • Former matchmaker and agency owner (Two's Company, Inc. 1990-1998)
  • Co-founder of an aquarium company servicing healthcare (1995 to present)
  • Awarded "Woman of the Year" 1996 (as P.V. Côté in Business)
    Status of Women, Sub-Commitee, Hamilton ON Canada (now known as "Women of Distinction" by YWCA)
  • French Canadian, descended from earliest Canadian pioneers
  • Lives in Toronto, Canada
  • Life-long Autodidact
  • HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)
  • Enneagram: Type 5 with an Eight-wing
  • Aries (3rd Decan) with Virgo Rising
  • Reformed Catholic Charismatic & Youth Minister
  • Currently No religious affiliation
  • Follower of teachings by Ascended Masters, especially Yeshua (Jesus) & Miryam the Migdalah (Mary Magdalene)
  • Light Warrior, Heyoka Empath, and Mystic
  • Claircognizant
  • Born in 1967's Summer of Love

Soul Dynamics

Who You (Really) Are and Why It Matters ~ Book Series


Research & Innovation

Areas of concentration for advancing knowledge in biopsychology. More specifically the complex invisible relationship between biology and psychology. How each affects the other and the ongoing circle of influence between mind, body and spirit.


zenya bloom | personal blog

A Higher Perspective On Living — after a 42 year pursuit for truth and wisdom, it’s my privilege to share these personal insights on topics that matter to your soul.


Gold Dust Studios

Media Magic & Digital Design ~ Multimedia to make life better, easier, smarter

Truth Seeker and the Source of Light by Pauline Wiser

Truth Seeker and the Source of Light

Diary of My Fierce Quest to Uncover Life’s Ultimate Truth


Handbook For Living Book Series

Success Secrets From Experts And People Who’ve Learned The Hard Way


All You Are

All You Are… And What Made You That Way


How To Feel Better

How To Feel Better In A Crazy World… Find your freedom and maintain strength amidst life’s chaos.


The Quintessential Playbook

Success Secrets From Experts And People Who’ve Learned The Hard Way



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