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Chairman & CEO
Hollywood Lane [HME]

Innovator, philanthropist, professional writer and lifelong entrepreneur. Awarded “Woman of the Year” by age 30 (in 1997) and currently a prolific creator of content (movies and TV shows) for the entertainment industry’s top studios, producers and directors. Verna is passionate about creating stories, being one with nature, and the perpetual state of learning. She is compelled to make a difference in the lives of others; whether it be through teaching lessons, benevolent acts, or philanthropy.



Verna lives and works in a “safe zone” that is free of harmful chemicals. In 1999, she developed an extreme sensitivity to everyday chemicals... things like newsprint, perfume, air fresheners, printed flyers and a long list of other common items. As long as she stays in her “safe zone” Verna is quite healthy.



Born into 1967's time of awakening known as the Summer of Love, life for Verna should have been about “harmony and peace” – but reality was quite opposite.

Childhood presented extraordinary hardships that left her utterly pained and confused. By the age of twelve, she was exhausted from a series of tragic events. Seeking personal relief, it became her mission to understand the human condition and figure out what makes people tick.

For 37 years, she has been a voracious "people watcher". In her late teens, Verna's intense desire to observe people often compelled her to leave home for days without an agenda. She would just roam, lending a hand to people in need and befriending strangers - just following wherever the path would lead. She ventured into dark and dangerous places, gathering priceless insight into the human condition.

Verna left home at sixteen and worked long hours to support herself. Though she continued schoolwork via correspondence - it was more for the sake of learning than obtaining a diploma. She studied business courses and this knowledge would prove fruitful when opening her first business at age 23. By that time, Verna was a single mom, and her little girl was a common fixture at the office... she was just a toddler playing "house" in the storage room and cheerfully chatting up clients in the lounge.

In spite of Ms. Lane's lack of a formal education, she was an avid collector of university books. Verna poured over advanced lessons pertaining to psychology, social work and mechanics of the mind. For more than three decades, she studied most variations of social sciences and metaphysics (all things beyond the physical such as psychology, addiction, religion, spirituality and any other unseen mysteries).

In the 1990's Verna Lane's small business - a matchmaking firm - pioneered new standards in an unregulated industry. As such, she was honored as "Woman of the Year" by her community. Her business ventures would eventually include an aquarium company and talent management agency. Both of which are still active today. More recently, she partnered with some heavy hitters to create an L.A. based production company.

Through the decades, Verna provided guidance to a wide array of individuals with her tough brand of wisdom: In the early days as a youth minister, she counseled bikers, gang members, prostitutes, drug dealers, and mobsters. Later on, she fine-tuned her skills to advise business people such as Ph.D. level professionals, commercial building developers, and even a judge. Since 2002, she has evolved as an advisor to some of the world’s toughest, famous, and most complicated VIPs.

Today, Ms. Lane lives in Toronto (soon to add NYC and L.A.) with her best friend and companion of 25 years, actor Dave Jarritone. He helped raise Verna's only child, Chanèle. Verna is developing the TV comedy called “Fish Spies” based on Dave’s bumbling adventures as a small business owner.  As well, there a number of comedy movies in the works with Dave as a featured performer.



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