Verna lives and works in a “safe zone” that is free of harmful chemicals. In 1999, she developed an extreme sensitivity to everyday chemicals... things like newsprint, perfume, air fresheners, printed flyers and a long list of other common items. The situation can be life-threatening, but as long as she stays within her “safe zone” she enjoys good health and a high-level of functioning.

It’s not all bad news though... it turns out that there is a positive side effect to her reclusive lifestyle. This setting has helped her reach extraordinary levels of creativity. Verna has become an unstoppable source of film concepts and fictional tales. She is in a rare class of writers who can propagate unlimited themes, one after another.

Her long-time associates attend meetings on her behalf. In all film projects, Verna selects experienced co-producers who are willing to take the lead in a physical setting. This ensures that each production is properly cared for. Her involvement is prolific, but strictly “behind the scenes”.

Plans are underway to create headquarters in Toronto, NYC, and Los Angele. At these locations Verna will be able to safely interact with industry professionals. In addition to the luxurious business lounges, screening rooms and editing facilities, it will be a fun setting that includes a variety of recreational assets (such as arcade, sports courts, gym, spa, pool house, ping pong lounge, and more). These plans are currently underway and will soon be accessible to business associates.


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